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  Thoughts from out yonder. Thank you for visiting our website. I have been assigned the post as Green Arbor’s official blogger… welcome. It is so hard to believe that 2013 is over. Each year has its own personality and 2013 is certainly no exception. From the outset, as green care provider, we always hope for moderate temperatures and adequate rainfall amounts that are perfectly timed. This year we experienced decent temperatures and rainfall. Coming off back to back years of severe heat and drought periods, it was sorely needed. Our trees are still suffering from the two previous years, but we are hopeful that recovery will be evident in 2014. Deep root fertilization is an enormous benefit during any green recovery. Some tree species such as Elms, Tulip Poplar and Ash have been hit particularly hard and many trees have been lost. Having these plants removed sooner than later is by far the wiser decision. As trees stand dead they become more hazardous, more dangerous and less economical to remove.  More to come. Please visit again. Thanks and see you out yonder! Tim  

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