Kyle Oak terminal bud Trees provide mankind with many benefits. At the same time, if left alone in their own environment, they require very little from us. However, one of the many stresses that the urban setting poses to a tree is the deprivation of essential nutrients. In the forest trees drop dead twigs and leaves every year which break down and add to the soil exactly what is needed for healthy plant life. We remove leaves and twigs from our properties and replace the “forest floor” with turf which competes with the tree for those vital nutrients. This is where Plant Health Care comes in to play. Along with proper pruning we recommend deep-root fertilization to replenish the macro & micro nutrients in the soil deep enough for the tree to benefit. We have an array of different solutions to fit the needs of each tree. Deficiencies (known as Chlorosis) which are typically evidenced by pale green color in leaves can be overcome by adding the minerals where the fibrous roots of the tree can absorb them. Insects are present in every setting but are more detrimental to trees already stressed by external stimuli prevalent in the urban setting. The recent attack of Ash trees by the Emerald Ash Borer has produced losses in the millions of dollars. Areas north of Indianapolis have been devastated and without proactive treatment your Ash trees will be affected. We are licensed by the Indiana State Chemist and Department of Entomology to professionally diagnose and treat your trees.