How often should trees be trimmed?

Thanks to all who participated in the blog idea thingy. I liked them all and will probably use them all which means eventually you all get coffee on me. The frequency of trimming to give trees a step up in the challenge to stay healthy depends on your particular situation. Allow me to make this less ambiguous………. As a general rule large shade trees should be evaluated every two to three years with the thought of pruning every three to five years. The weather will have a great deal to do with the needs. Once a mature tree has had at least an initial Crown Clean it is important to manage and control deadwood, unneeded interior limbs and elevation throughout the remainder of your ownership. Ornamental and developing shade trees may need trimmed every two years to produce and maintain the desired effect. This all depends on your goals for your property, which we would be happy to discuss. We do not charge for these evaluations. Please call. Thanks and see you out yonder! Tim

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