If I could talk…………

Kile Oak pruning arborist Hello, it’s me…..Terminal Bud, at the top of the Kyle Oak tree on University Street just west of Arlington Ave. I am the guy at the very end of the branch and it is just about time for me to start communicating with the rest of the vascular system to wake up this old Girl. She has been here for hundreds of years and has witnessed so much. Since before the Civil War  has She provided shade and clean air for the surrounding families. Has seen so many carpenters building the homes nearby. The respect that the Arborists Kyle Oak terminal budhave shown this tree over the centuries is what we hope for all of our brethren. This winter has been particularly hard on all of us and it seems to be lingering on and on. My counterparts on trees like the flowering Pears are trying to swell and flower, but the winter lingers. What can be done to help. Light interior pruning, removing deadwood, fertilization and if this spring turns dry …….watering. I hope to shade you and keep you cool this summer. See you out yonder.  

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