Ouch the weather!

As part of my education I had to take a course in climatology. This was in 1976. I was in NE Ohio and we were in the midst of a colder winter than what we are now experiencing. At the time some scientists and environmentalists were screaming that we were heading into another ice age. My climate professor when asked about this just shrugged and said that our climate is cyclical. It is affected by the sun’s activity and for now it is causing the jet stream to dip south, giving us at the time some very cold weather. I can still see him in my mind’s eye offering us this explanation, but it did not make my feet any warmer. It did, however, give me the perspective that the sun will do what it will do and we cannot do a thing about it regardless of politics and marketing. As for the trees………they do not feel wind chill as we do. Each year as they go dormant an antifreeze process occurs. Water in cells leaves which concentrates the remaining chemicals and reduces the chance for freeze damage. Pretty amazing. This does not mean we will not see damage. Time will tell. The spring weather is so vital. If we have a late thaw and the sun is telling the trees to break dormancy……should the ground remain frozen sap will no run properly. Again, we just have to watch, we can’t make it different. We can just help if damage occurs. Enough for now. Thanks and see you out yonder! Tim  

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